Bad-Ass FinisHERS are calling all the other FinisHERS!

Our Mission
To create innovative, moisture-wicking, no-cotton undergarments for women that want to focus on their fitness goals without interfering with their daily activities.

What Makes Fit-FinisHER Different?
Do you know that most workout undergarments are made with cotton which traps sweat and harbors bacteria? Thanks to Fit-FinisHER, you don’t need to deal with that anymore.

Here at Fit-FinisHER, we are passionate about improving the female health and hygiene. For us, this entails making use of the best design and technology to craft workout underwear and bra that prevent bacteria, wick away sweat and promote an active life.

No Sweat. No Stress. Finish with Confidence.


Finish with Confidence.

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